Easy integration

Integration is one of the cornerstones of Prima’s FlexAir® access control system. Integration is a necessity if you want to satisfy user needs now and in the future. FlexAir® is designed with open standards at all levels and is ready to be integrated into or expand existing systems. This principle applies to all components from Prima – everything from RF-ID Nexus readers to Alpha centrals. Prima highly focuses on user needs, innovation and system development, which means that the integration capabilities of our system are numerous and cover many different aspects.



FlexAir®’s open platform offers many types of integration. The system can be integrated with Alarm, Video, Time & Attendance, Home automation, Elevator, Parking and third party software. In addition, the system is compatible with languages such as XML and Python, whereas XML makes it possible to transfer data from other software types directly to Nova software. The XML language (Extensible Markup Language) is mainly used to store data and is independent of software and hardware.

3rd party integration

FlexAir® is based on an open platform, which means that it can be used with third party software. For example, you can use XML to transfer Excel spreadsheets directly to the Nova software, which is very useful when creating users and their access, access tags and cards. Excel spreadsheets can be used to transfer large amounts of data quickly and easily into the software. This way it is easy to integrate existing systems with FlexAir®, reusing older components, and thereby saving money.

Complete business / housing association system

FlexAir® is the ideal solution for many users. The system can easily combine access control, intercom systems and much more to form a complete system. Whether it is for businesses, housing associations, institutions or others, FlexAir® offers start-to-finish solutions, which with its flexibility solves all individual needs. FlexAir® easily replaces the traditional mechanical key systems and offers innovative features such as facility booking, guest administration, video surveillance, integration of IP cameras, display door stations, elevator control, alarm and parking systems and much more.